Transfer Students

If you’re seeking more depth in your homeopathic education, you’re in the right place. The information you need to get the transfer profess started is located right here.


Explore the variety of backgrounds that enter into our program, and some of the possible options for practicing after school.


Thinking of Transferring?

Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy sincerely welcomes students interested in transferring credits from another homeopathic program to join the didactic or clinical portions of our program. To receive a diploma from NAH, a student must meet the requirements of advanced standing, complete a minimum of 18 months (three semesters) of the program and meet all requirements for graduation*.


Advanced Standing Admission

To apply for advanced standing at NAH, an applicant must meet all requirements of admission. This includes an application, the two essays, transcripts from prior post-secondary education, three letters of reference and a faculty interview.

If transferring from another ACHENA accredited program, courses will be matched as closely as possible to the NAH curriculum and credit will be granted for all competencies reached.  The student will be placed in the appropriate level in our program.

If the applicant is requesting to transfer from a non-ACHENA accredited program, all course materials (syllabus and evaluation materials) are needed to determine matching of courses.  In some cases, a placement exam will be given to determine the level of competency.  If a placement exam is requested, the applicant can either take the exam at the NAH office in Minnesota or arrange for an approved proctor, at the applicant’s cost, to administer the exam.

*NAH graduation requirements include

·       Passing score of at least 70% on the final exam

·       Successful completion of the clinical program as determined by faculty

·       Minimum of 80% attendance throughout the program

·       Completion of all required outside cases with a mentor

·       Completion of minimum of 70 hours of medical sciences



Annual tuition for the four-year Professional Training Program in Classical Homeopathy, is $6,800.00. At NAH we do offer a small fee payment option to help students with the cost. Payments can be split up once per semester, twice per semester, or once per month depending on what is most convenient for you. Each invoice includes a $20 administrative fee.

Because our school is a private, non-profit organization, we are not accredited by the federal government and cannot provide financial aid, loans or grants.


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