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If Homeopathy has impacted you in the powerful way it has impacted our students and alumni, the chances are, you’re here because you want to learn more. Studying Homeopathy allows you to unlock a part of the world around you, help others improve their lives in deep and impactful ways, and the opportunity to invest in a practice that is ever-evolving.

If you’ve been dreaming about diving into a career that is deep and life-changing, you’re in the right place. Learn more about our rigorous and rewarding 4-Year program and get ready for the most transformative journey of your life.

Our next class begins January, 2020!


Unique Program Preparing You to Practice

Take a peek into what students, alumni, and faculty have to say about how the mission of NAH is reflected in our program.


Prospective Student Nights

Once every few months, NAH hosts an information session for prospective students who are interested in learning more about our program. Interested individuals are able to meet faculty, current students, and ask questions about our program. Our next upcoming student nights are scheduled for June and September, 2019 in preparation for Class 15, starting in January 2020.

School Visits

We do offer opportunities to sit in on a class to get a little sample of what our class weekends look like. Prospective students are able to shadow for one hour, with some additional time before or after to ask questions. School visit times are scheduled during one of our current first-year class weekends, which occur once per month. Times available for shadowing a class are either Friday at 2pm or Saturday at 10am. Visits can be scheduled either in-person or we can send you a link to tune-in virtually.



Application and Acceptance

Prospective students may apply to Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy at any time before the beginning of the next first-year class.  The application process includes the completion of an application, two essays, receipt of all academic transcripts, three letters of reference and a half-hour interview with one of our faculty members. We will mutually explore your preparation for entrance and the appropriateness of the program for you.

 We accept motivated and talented students from diverse backgrounds; previous training in a healthcare field is not mandatory.  However, it is required that students complete at least two years of college level courses (60 hours) at an accredited institution before entering this program. Some students may be considered for admission without meeting this requirement at the school’s discretion.

Situations which may allow for an exemption to the 60 hour admission requirement:

·      The hours were completed at a non-accredited institution, but are considered comparable to an accredited school

·      The student is simultaneously enrolled at another institution which would allow them to complete the hours during enrollment in our program

·      The NAH faculty consider an applicant’s self study/accomplishments comparable to at least 60 hours of academic learning.

NAH reserves the right to delay admission until references have been checked.  The Executive Committee has the final authority to refuse admission to any student whom they feel would not be able to meet the high standards of competence and practice demanded by the profession of classical homeopathy.  These standards are clearly delineated by the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH), a national professional organization.  Probationary admission may be granted to students who are lacking the desired qualifications but for whom there are exceptional circumstances.  It should be noted that the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy abides by all state and federal non-discrimination guidelines in admitting students. 

Ready to Apply?

Download your application, print it, fill it out and send it to us. We would love to hear from you while you go through the application process. Please contact us once you get started or let us know if you have any questions!

Email: info@homeovista.org

Phone: (952)955-4117


NAH Calendars

In the links below, we have listed the dates of current class weekends for your convenience.


To view other events like School Visit Dates, Prospective Student Nights, and NAH sponsored events, take a look through our calendar below!

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