One of the most comprehensive and thorough professional homeopathic training programs in the US.
— Kelly Callahan, 1M: A Homeopath's Podcast

The program at NAH is unparalleled. You can’t find this quality of hands-on experience combined with knowledge from modern masters anywhere else.
— Pam, NAH Graduate

If you’re someone like me, and you have a passion for healing others, or you’re curious about the world around you and want to make it a better place, Homeopathy is where you belong, and this school is an amazing place to start.
— Katie, current NAH student

I looked at many different accredited homeopathy programs before choosing to go with NAH. Kris, the director took the time to go over many aspects of the school and help me understand exactly what I was going to learn and what made this program different from others. As a student, I have already learned a lot in such a short amount of time. What you won’t find elsewhere is the hands on student clinic! The ability to work in the clinic as a practitioner, but also be able to be a patient to see it from both sides has been invaluable.
— Melissa, Current NAH Student