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Vision and History

Great things have small beginnings. Learn more here about how NAH began.



Our vision is to train students to master the skills, philosophy and sciences necessary to confidently and expertly practice the art of classical homeopathy. To help students develop personal qualities to become competent and ethical practitioners. To set standards of excellence in homeopathic training in order to define and develop the role of a professional homeopath. To support homeopathic research and provings, and to inform and train medical and lay public on how to effectively utilize homeopathy to promote health and healing.


Our History

Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy was opened in 1995 with the aim to provide a greater opportunity for Homeopaths to be thoroughly trained. “What does a Homeopath need to know?” was the question on the minds of Val Ohanian and Eric Sommerman, the founders of Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy. Our goals were to create a legalized practice of Homeopathy for non-licensed individuals in the state of MN, and to train students thoroughly so that upon graduation, students felt like they could go into practice immediately

At the start of our school, no other programs existed where one could train to be a classical homeopath without a medical license. NAH developed a four-year program that sets a solid foundation in theory, philosophy, history, and materia medica with a great emphasis on clinical training so students feel prepared to practice. No matter your background, we believe that what you bring to Homeopathy is what makes your practice both rewarding, and successful.

Our foundations here at NAH are rooted in a deep connection to nature, and based on strong themes of inquiry and exploration. Our program is designed to change the way you see the world. From the early roots of NAH to the present, it is our aim that our students remain as curious in their studies as they do in their practice.