Preparing you to practice

Designed to set you up for success, from philosophy to clinical training, our four-year program will send you into the world with deep roots in classical homeopathy and the confidence to start your practice as soon as you graduate.


Our mission is to train homeopaths who are prepared to practice. This video covers the structure and content of our four-year homeopathic program.


How our 4-Year Program Works

At Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, we have developed a unique and rewarding four-year program specifically designed to prepare students to practice successfully as classical homeopaths. The program is divided into two components: Didactic Lectures, and hands-on Clinical Training.


Years One and Two: Didactic Lectures

  • The purpose of these first two years, is to create a foundation upon which students will build their skills as a homeopathic practitioner. At NAH, our goal is to help our students grow roots deep into the theory, philosophy and subject matter as originally taught by Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Classical Homeopathy.

  • The curriculum is prepared according to the “Standards for Homeopathic Education and Competencies for the Professional Homeopathic Practitioner in North America” established by the Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA). 

  • Class weekends occur once per month over a three-day weekend (Friday through Sunday). Additional lectures and study sessions are conducted via Zoom 2-3 times per month.

    • The following subjects equip students with knowledge of an array of subjects that exceeds the 500 hour lecture requirement:

      • History

      • Philosophy

      • Materia Medica

      • Medical Science

      • Repertory

      • Posology

      • Case-taking

      • Case-analysis

      • Case-management

      • Homeopathic Provings

      • Research

      • Ethics

Years Three and Four: Hands-On Clinical Training

  • Clinical training is a central part of the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy training program.  Where the didactic portion of the program provides the theoretical basis and knowledge for understanding and practicing homeopathy, the clinical component allows the student to practice what they have learned by working directly with clients in the Student Clinic.  

  • Students will have the opportunity to apply homeopathic philosophy as they build on skills in case-taking, case-analysis, case-management and Materia Medica knowledge.

  • The goal overall is to prepare students to successfully step into their own private homeopathic practice upon graduation.

    • To fully prepare students for a successful career as a professional homeopath through ensuring excellence in case-taking, client-understanding, case-analysis, and case-management as well skills in the tasks of operating a private practice

    • To awaken students’ awareness, desire, and skills as healers –“the homeopath’s highest and only calling is to make sick people healthy.”

    • To awaken the focus on self-growth and self-reflection in the journey as a healer


Distance Learning

At NAH we want you to get the best Homeopathic education no matter where you are. We are able to make online classroom learning available via Zoom on our school weekends so you can participate from home. All study materials and announcements are made via Google Classroom as well as by email.

In the third and fourth years, it is required that distance students are able to make it to the clinic for on-site learning every other weekend to ensure that you don’t miss out on important clinical training opportunities.



Annual tuition for the four-year Professional Training Program in Classical Homeopathy, is $6,800.00. At NAH we do offer a small fee payment option to help students with the cost. Payments can be split up once per semester, twice per semester, or once per month depending on what is most convenient for you. Each invoice includes a $20 administrative fee.

Because our school is a private, non-profit organization, we are not accredited by the federal government and cannot provide financial aid, loans or grants.


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