Before and After Your Appointment

If you’re preparing for your appointment and need directions or information about your remedies, you’re in the right place! Scroll down for important info for before and after your appointment.


Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are usually made from plants and simple minerals. These substances are prepared by a process of repeated dilution and shaking, which makes them capable of stimulating the healing process. Remedies are given to stimulate the whole body to heal itself, while herbs and regular medicines are given to take away specific symptoms from parts of the body.

As little remedy as possible is used. After a remedy is given, the individual’s response is carefully observed, and the remedy is changed only if necessary.


How to take your remedy

Homeopathic remedies are delivered on sugar pellets that you place under your tongue to dissolve. The remedy is on the outside of the pellet. Tap pellets into a cap or onto a metal spoon to avoid touching them, this could dilute the potency of the remedy. Store your remedies in an environment away from strong smelling perfumes or oils, do not leave them in a hot or cold environment.


What exactly is Homeopathy?

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Ready for your Homeopathic Consultation?

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