The First Year: A Love Affair with Homeopathy


It’s difficult to put into words all the things one might learn in their first year of school at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy. Much like taking a remedy, the experience is individual. I don’t believe I could articulate in totality, everything that touched my being over the last year. But I wanted to share a reflection on how just one year of school here sparked a transformation that on the first day of class, I knew, was going to change the course of the rest of my entire life.

Whenever I’ve started a new pursuit, I go through a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s always a little scary starting class at a new school, especially when you don’t know anyone. I wondered whether there were people that knew more than me, if the workload would be too much with a full-time job, I worried a little that maybe there would be things I wouldn’t understand, all the usual butterflies that come with a new journey. But more than anything, I was incredibly ecstatic to start. Homeopathy was something I had been studying on my own and using for my own health for about 7 years through the guidance of a well-seasoned Homeopath. I had arrived at a point in my life where I just had to know more about how it worked. In the months and weeks prior to my first day, I had conjured up quite a few ideas of what I thought this journey would feel and look like for me. I day-dreamed about how skilled I would become at memorizing my Materia Medica, knowing it like the back of my hand. I thought about how in four years, I’d be taking my first cases on my own. I drew pictures in my mind of office layouts and how I would want it to look when my first client came in. The list went on. Each and every one of those pictures conceived by my bright-eyed imagination fueled me and it made my first day on September 21, 2018 one of the most anticipated days I can remember.

One of my favorite quotes by novelist James A. Michener is “We are never prepared for what we expect.” I can honestly say that my first year here both surprised and soothed me, and it’s already begun to transform me on a deeper level than I’d ever imagined.

The first thing I learned is that going to school for Homeopathy is much different than working toward a bachelors degree or attending community college. Though I believe any pursuit of higher education in any subject to be honorable, rarely does one integrate the whole self into his or her learning process. You can be incredibly passionate about a major, work toward a 4.0 but still not experience the level of transformation that Homeopathy can bring to you both individually and personally. While it may challenge a lot of traditional beliefs one holds about health, it also, on an innate level, makes an immense amount of sense when we take into account the nature of the ever so complex world in which we live.

The next thing I learned is that Homeopathic education has little to do with memorizing and more to do with allowing the information to trickle down until it’s part of you. While that might sound a little fluffy, even the science of Homeopathy is a bit like poetry. It’s information that touches you on an energetic level, even if at times you can’t quite articulate why. There were concepts with which, in the first couple months I struggled, then a couple months later I would have an epiphany that forced me to stand up from my books with a gasp. Each student grasps the philosophy, science and art of Homeopathy at their own pace. An additionally wonderful facet of this is that each of us were met with utmost patience and support from our instructors.

NAH is a bit like an immersion program. One of the first things I noticed about myself was that my language started to change. The way I viewed the world around me began to shift. I started using words and concepts that had never really been in my vocabulary before. It was because I started to feel a connection between everything, between myself and my classmates, between myself and every single aspect of nature. I started to see healing potential in every plant, mineral, and animal with which I came in contact. It was as if I realized for the first time the universe was giving something to me and that I could give something back.

I can hardly say this is the last thing I’ve learned but for the sake of those reading this article, a conclusion is probably necessary. If you do choose to pursue this beautiful healing art, you will become a perpetual student. Yes, even beyond your education here. Homeopathy is a practice that deepens every time that we decide to immerse ourselves in it. When I met with our student advisor Kim, I told her I was falling in love with each remedy I studied and she said to me, “Studying Homeopathy is a bit like a love affair, and one that lasts a lifetime.” I’ve already found that to be true in my short time here. I believe Homeopathy to be a passion that will feed my heart and soul for as long as I commit myself to it. My hope and deep belief is that if you take the leap, it will do the same for you.

Article written by Katie Bromme