Faculty and Staff

Meet the incredible individuals that make NAH what it is today.


Valerie Ohanian CCH, RSHom (NA): Founder & Instructor

Val is a full-time homeopathic practitioner in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She attended the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, where she later became an associate faculty member. Val has an AB in Journalism from Humboldt State University. She is co-founder of Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy and the past chairwoman of the International Council of Classical Homeopathy. Co-founder of NASH (North American Society of Homeopaths), where she served as Vice-President for five years.  She was also a key founder and officer in the Minnesota Homeopathic Association (MHA).


Debra Sax Annes CCH, RSHom (NA): Instructor

Debra has a degree in psychology and education, and for several years, worked as an elementary school teacher. She has been practicing Homeopathy since 1998, paying special attention to women’s concerns, including depression and menopause, and the problems of children and adolescents, such as autism, attention deficit disorder, and behavioral challenges. Debra is a graduate of the Class 1 of Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy and completed a master’s clinical program at the Luminos School of Homeopathy in Vancouver, B.C.. She is certified by the Council for Homeopathic Certification and a member of the North American Society of Homeopaths.



Su Sandon CCH, RSHom (NA): Instructor

Su has been assisting individuals with their healthcare and well-being for over 35 years. She has been practicing as a registered pharmacist since 1980 and as a Homeopathic practitioner since 2005. After years of searching for a deeply healing healthcare modality, Su stumbled upon homeopathy and instantly every fiber of her being was excited. Even though she was not clear on what homeopathy truly was, she knew, way down in her bones, that she wanted to practice it. She discovered Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy where she became a student, and eventually an instructor.

Su loves sharing homeopathy and teaching is one way she gets to do that. She told us, “It is an amazing gift to witness the transition and growth of students as they learn and absorb the philosophy and content of this modality.”


Jason Aeric Hunecke CCH, RSHom (NA): Instructor

Jason Aeric’s study of Classical Homeopathy began when he was given two books by Val Ohanian, Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy by James Tyler Kent, and The Science of Homeopathy by George Vithoulkas. He read those two books once a year for eleven years before he enrolled at NAH in 2001. Ever eager for more tools to deepen his understanding of Homeopathy, Jason Aeric has continued to passionately study and teach the healing art of homeopathy long after his graduation from NAH.



Laurie Dack CCH, RSHom (NA): Instructor and Student Clinic Supervisor

One day, while sitting in a waiting room, Laurie picked up a book and fell in love. It was a copy of Kent’s “Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy”. That was over 35 years ago.
Since then, she’s studied, taught and lectured about homeopathy. She’s also dedicated her life to its practice. In her words, “I see remarkable transformations all the time, sometimes several in one day.”
Laurie has been a teacher at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in Minnesota for over 24 years. She also taught at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy during its reign. In addition, she’s shared successful case stories to audiences the world over – England, Germany, Switzerland and India. That book — “Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy” — changed her life. Over the years, it also helped her change the lives of others.


Kim Boutilier CCH, RSHom (NAH): Student Mentor and Academic Advisor

Kim came upon Homeopathy in 1990 when a serious illness couldn’t be helped by Conventional medicine or Naturopathy. To her surprise at the time, Homeopathy did! As she began to passionately study Homeopathy, she found it changed the course of her life. In 1994, Kim helped found the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy, where she taught and mentored many homeopaths. Today, Kim is the head of the Mentorship Program here at NAH. She sees mentoring as the place where learning Homeopathy all comes together, a place where the student truly explores and develops how they uniquely embody the role of the practitioner. To Kim, the student-mentor relationship is a meaningful one and she delights in seeing the progress of each student as they continue to grow.



Kathy Yeo CCH: Student Mentor and Student Clinic Supervisor

Kathy might describe her journey into Homeopathy as “just sort of falling into it,” but after her first class weekend at NAH, she was completely taken with the subject and there was no looking back after that. Kathy loves exploring and re-discovering remedies through teaching. Each time she prepares a webinar or presentation for students she develops an even deeper and richer understanding of the remedy. She loves the excitement of watching students experience the “ah-ha” moments and enjoys seeing students excited about learning and eager to know more. Kathy lives her life homeopathically by remaining open and leaving room to respond to life rather react. She also looks for ‘remedies’ all around her and pays close attention to the energy in her environment that resonate with her being.